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Who are you? Where are you from? What's your backstory?

I’m Marie, an indie entrepreneur and developer. I went to engineering school so I started to code a bit there but honestly the course were not that great and later I did not specialized in programming. I really learned to code when I did an internship a few years later. I had no experience in programming, even less in Objective-C, but my boss asked my colleague and I if we’d like to build an iOS prototype for a client of them. We accepted and started to learn. That’s when I really started programming I think.

What made you get into programming?

After that internship, I realised I could do things on my own. I really loved the feeling of creating. I don’t think I’m particularly creative but I felt creative with code. It really gave me the envy to continue and build more stuff. I felt there were a lot of possibilities and you could achieve things without the help of many people or a company, you could actually do that all by yourself.

What does your process for learning to code look like?

Honestly, it’s mostly Google and Stack Overflow. If I need to learn something new, I’ll create a new project, might follow a tutorial to have a basic thing working, then add functionalities and layers upon it or integrate it in my current code. Most of the time I’m very messy and do everything in my code directly. I just try to refactor from time to time to be able to re-use my code easily anywhere.

What does your process for building apps look like?

The way I start when building an app is by creating a main view of the app without designing only adding the necessary elements (buttons, text fields, etc). Then I start to develop the main functionalities - layer by layer, functionalities by functionalities. I work alongside Vincent who handles the design, so once he is done with the views - I implement them. Honestly, I don't think I am very organised but I have some experience with iOS now so I just repeat the process I already know.

Are you currently learning anything new?

I’m starting to take a look at the backend. I use to code in PHP when I was working alone but Vincent takes care of this since we work together. He works in Node JS so I write little pieces of code sometimes. I’d like to know more on this side to be able to move faster.

What’s your tech stack?

Swift mainly. Then I have basics in a few other languages.

Advice for those learning to code?

When you want to achieve something new, break it into smaller parts. And don’t give up, it might take time but you’ll find it out somehow. The solution is probably somewhere on the Internet.

Shameless Plugs

- Threader, a Twitter client that curates good threads and display them in a well-designed single view.

- Women Make, an open community meant to support women makers and put them at the forefront.

- IP Man, a Mac menu bar app that displays your public IP address and let you copy it easily.

- TwoMakers.io, my blog with Vincent, including 2 articles (more to come I hope) that can help you with the App Store.

Hot Picks

I always see interesting project popping up on Women Make, almost every day. A lot of our members are working on some really cool projects and I'm happy to see the growth in women makers.

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