Guillaume Bardet

Miami, Florida
Working on @QlearlyHQ & @FoundersBundle

Who are you? Where are you from? What's your backstory?

My name is Guillaume Bardet, I was born in Paris, France. I am currently living in Miami, Florida. I moved here about 13 years ago. Before starting to get into programming I had been in the music industry for about seven years. By now, I have been in the music industry for over ten years and a little over four years into programming. For almost six years now, I have been running a marketing agency for electronic music producers. We have worked with over 11,000 music producers by now.

What made you get into programming?

What really made me get into programming was by far being able to turn my ideas into something useable. I always found it fascinating that I could spend some time building something and the same day or same week I could have it 'working'. The first things I built were usually based around helping music producers reach a wider audience. A few examples would be follow gates, repost schedulers, being able to embed Soundcloud reposts etc.

What does your process for building apps look like?

I don’t really like to start to work on something without having a clear idea of where it is heading so I usually like to make a few drawings first.

I very often realize that what I originally pictured was probably not the perfect solution. Once I believe I got to something that makes as much sense as possible, that’s when I begin to write the first lines of code.

Are you currently learning anything new?

Over the past year I have actually been slowing down how much I personally program. Instead, I have been focusing on building a team, and learning as much as I can about every topics when it comes to running and growing a startup. I am always learning more about analytics, running ads where you can actually track it’s conversions and much more. A lot of it feels familiar due to the marketing agency, though it is very different industries.

What's your tech stack?

Our tech stack varies quite a bit based on the project. Here is some of the main ones we are using lately. PHP, Laravel 5.4.36, AngularJS 1.5.7, Javascript, Jquery 1.12.3, MySql 5.7, HTML5, CSS3. In terms of tools we have been using things like SendGrid, Twilio, AWS, Intercom, Typeform, and quite a few others.

Advice for those learning to code?

I personally believe that Google, Stack Overflow or even the customer service of certain tools you use are your best friends when it comes to finding a solution. if you take the time to actually read what you stumble upon, you will very likely end up with an answer. It might not always be the one you were hoping for but at least you will get to one. Throughout this process you might even come up with dozens of ideas or solutions to other problems.

Shameless Plugs

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