Dante Lex

Building microstartups @treadieinc. Product Designer

Who are you? Where are you from? What's your backstory?

My name is Karlista Lex Okoh but most people know me as Dante Lex. I’m a maker from Nigeria. I originally started off as designer but programming was a joy for me ever since i was little, i was always drawn to it.

What made you get into programming?

My cousin was a programmer and always encouraged me to be one as I was very good with systems. So I decided to take it seriously and it came quite easy. I could learn things in a matter of days to weeks and was able to develop my skills quite quickly so I bit the bullet and wanted to continue.

What does your process for learning to code look like?

I don’t believe in schools so I am a self taught programmer and a problem solver. You can learn a lot on your own. I don’t read all the books or watch all the videos, I like to learn the basics and start building, going through examples and solving problems. Google is gold too, you just have to know what you are looking for and keep refining your queries. I make sure I improve my problem solving skills mostly.

What does your process for building apps look like?

When I have an idea to build, I first run it by a couple of people and see what they think about it. I like to look at the different ways that they solve the problem I am trying to solve and explore with them other possible solutions to that problem. It’s a way of validating my idea and sometimes I go further to ask if they’d pay for it.

Once I do that I come up with a product name through 3 keywords related to the product, I also consider good names for SEO reasons. Then I go and secure the domain,which for me ensures that I have now invested money towards the build to continue the process.

I try to build MVP, that also has to be functional and beautiful because design is a way of selling my MVP, good design brings people who have no business on your app to your app.

Are you currently learning anything new?

Currently learning GraphQL and Marketing. As a maker it’s something I’d like to have in my arsenal.

What's your tech stack?



- Python

Advice for those learning to code?

Keep practicing and building. Launch fast and learn from your mistakes.

Shameless Plugs

  1. Treadie (***https://treadie.com***) - A lightweight community manager to create your own little twitter around certain topics or community.
  2. Scaleboot (***https://scaleboot.com***) - Help bootstrappers ship their own way and launch their MVP
  3. Curated Money (coming soon) - Find what you can do with your budget
  4. MakerWeekly (***https://twitter.com/makerweekl***y) - Indiemakers and bootstrapped startup twitter publications.

Hot Picks

  1. WIP (https://wip.chat)
  2. Pixel Snap (https://getpixelsnap.com)

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